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Gods amazing Blessing!

I truly thank God for blessing me with such a beautiful prayer ministry! The experience I had at this recent retreat in Chicago was purely a life changing experience. God opened my eyes to how much he really loves each and every single one us. Through the Eucharistic Adoration God touched my heart in way were I felt an immense amount of love and Joy! Just letting the prayer ministry know that this AMAZING team will always be in my prayers.Can’t wait for the next retreat! ♥ We praise you we adore you and we thank you Lord Jesus!

Chicago USA


I thank God for the numerous blessings received through the jacksonville and augusta retreats.These retreats helped me to understand how much God loves me and each one of us.I thank God for allowing me to attend these retreats and getting to know this wonderful retreat team.The morning prayer helps me to grow spiritually each day.I thank God for the prayer line.

Thresiamma skaria