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This prayer ministry is a vine planted by God the Father in the vineyard of the world. God chose the lives of Br. Jose Zacharia and his wife Leelu as the planting ground and prepared the ground through the sufferings of their life. Also, the sickness of Jose’s sister Annie and the miraculous healing of Annie worked as a catalyst for the growth of this Prayer ministry.

The birth of the ministry occurred in the l986-88 period when Leelu had the experience of receiving some audible messages in her ears during her personal prayer. The first message she heard was: “If you forgive others, your heavenly father will forgive you also.” She kept on receiving such messages which gradually brought her closer to the sacred heart of Jesus and eventually into a more spiritually renewed life.

Br. Jose’s first spiritual experience occurred in the year 1990, during him and His wife Leelu’s visit to home in India to see his sister Annie. His youngest sister Annie was diagnosed with severe kidney failure and was undergoing dialysis in a Hospital in Chennai , a city in the southernmost part of India. Jose’s younger brothers had just started a Prayer group at Surianalle, a small village in the eastern part of the state of Kerala, India, after the spiritual renewal experience that they gained from a retreat that they attended in Christ Hall, Calicut not long ago.

Jose’s brothers and the spiritual father of their prayer group Fr. Peter had arranged a Night Vigil, in a small chapel in Chennai, India, in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament, on November 15th 1990 for the intention of praying for the healing of Annie. Jose and Leelu attended this night vigil with Annie ,her husband and the members of both the families. It was for the first time that Jose attending a night vigil. The Prayer vigil started with the exposition of the blessed sacrament at 6pm.

Jose was praying with tears for Annie but he never believed that Jesus is truly present in the blessed sacrament . His mind was searching for answers to many questions and doubts he had about the human sufferings . He looked at the exposed holy Eucharist at the alter and asked in his mind : “Is it all true ? Jesus, are you really present here? If you are, please help Annie “

Fr. Peter and the team members talked in the light of God’s word about forgiving each other and asking God’s forgiveness of our own sins through the sacrament of confession. Then, it was many years since Jose had his last confession. He prepared himself and went to the priest for a good confession that night. Towards the end of that night vigil there was time for reconciliation and asking for forgiveness. Jose went and knelt before his parents and with tears he asked them for their forgiveness.

After two weeks Jose and Leelu came back to New York and by the end of April 1991, five months after the night vigil, Annie was totally healed and she was released from Hospital. Doctors said that it was a miracle. When Jose heard the news his heart was beaming with joy. But suddenly he remembered the questions that he asked looking at the Blessed Sacrament: “Is it all true? Jesus, are you really present here? If you are, please help Annie “ Jose knew in his heart that when his family gathered around Jesus and sincerely repented and confessed their sins through the sacrament of reconciliation and when they did forgive each other , God’s divine mercy and love was poured in to their lives, especially Annie, through His Eucharistic presence. It was a gradual growth but now after twenty two years , the Thy Kingdom come(mt.6.10) prayer ministry is producing much fruits, remaining faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the catholic Church, especially the true living presence of Christ in the blessed sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Why the name”Thy Kingdom come(mt.6.10) ? There is a specific reason for that. In the year 1994 one morning Br. Jose and his wife Leelu were attending Holy Mass in English in the Guardian Angel Catholic Church. During the middle of the Holly Mass Leelu heard a voice sounded like an echo in the Church in Malayalam, the native language of their State, Kerala, in India. The voice said “Father, thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Later we found that it is a gospel word from Gospel of St. Mathew chapter 6 verse 10. So, we named the prayer group “Thy Kingdom Come (mt.6.10)”. We believe that God sent his word from his Eucharistic presence during the Holly Mass and created this ministry to prepare the lives of many families and individuals to turn away from sinful life and to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ to be filled and guided by the Holy Spirit and to be healed spiritually ,emotionally and physically.

The first prayer gathering occurred in their Brooklyn home at 2185 West street in the year 1992 in the month of September on a Thursday evening. Eventually there were prayer meetings every evening in different parts of NY City. Friday: Staten Island, Saturday: Elmont, Sunday: evening at Long Island, Monday : West Chester, Tuesday : English prayer group at Guardian Angel Church, Brooklyn, Wednesday : Queens.

First out of state prayer group was formed by Sally & Pius Family by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in Atlanta, Georgia. They were active members of our group in New York and when they moved to Atlanta they started a prayer group there. Many other families joined with them including the family of Ancy & Zacharia Varkey. They, with the family of Sally and are the pillars of our ministry in the central region of U.S.A. They organize the night vigil and Eucharistic adoration at the apparition site of our blessed mother in Conyers, GA, every year in the month of October by the Thy Kingdom Come Ministry. All the children of these families are models for catholic youth.

In 2001 we started our live-in retreats in retreat centers .The first one was in the month of June at Mount Manresa Retreat House in Staten Island, NY. Through every retreats God was anointing God’s dear people to be Prayer Group Leaders who, eventually arranged parish retreats and living retreats in their states. The purposes of these retreats are to bring Catholic and Christian families to the awareness of the living presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

The Team received the first invitation to conduct a parish retreat by Fr. Jose Kandathikudy, the then mission director of the St. Thomas Syro-Malabar mission of Chicago which later became the first Syro-Malabar Parish community in the USA.

Mrs. Mary Jacob and her husband Mathew Jacob invited the Team to Chicago after Mrs. Mary Jacob’s God experience from the retreat she attended in NY in June 2001. Ever since Chicago prayer group organizes Eucharistic live-in retreat every year. Mrs. Sherly Mathew, Molly & Thankachan, Thomas & Mary, Mathukutty & Sherly, Babychan & Thressiamma, Susan Josy, Mrs. Lissy Alex and many others like them are behind the growth of the Thy Kingdom Come Eucharistic ministry in IL state.

Babu (Mathen Philip) and his wife Shaila had invited the team to Orlando, FL for three consecutive years for Live-in Retreats at Winter Garden, FL.

In 2011, Jay Kurian and his wife Mary invited the team to conduct live-in retreats in Mary wood Retreat center, Jacksonville, FL. Now, the Florida state live-in retreats are conducted in Mary wood Retreat center every year.

Dr. Sarita Binu and her husband Binu Thomas organized the Toronto, Canada live-in retreats.

In New York , since the beginning of the prayer ministry, Joseph and Jessy, Jose and Alphonsa, Omana Alex, Thankamma and Jose Madathikkunnel and many others like them were always supporting the growth of the prayer ministry and they organize the monthly one-day retreat with Holy Mass and Eucharistic adoration at                      Rockland County, NY.

In 2012 , Mr. Mathew Mani and his wife Lovesy helped to organize the Live-in retreat in New York at a new location in Rockland county. In 2014 the retreat was organized by them at the Marian Shrine, Don Bosco Retreat Center.

The prayer ministry, with the presence of God always leading it was moving ahead with the formation in 2012, of the “Thy Kingdom Come (mt.610) International prayer ministry Inc.”, a not for profit organization based in the state of Florida.

In March 2014, Francis V. Davis (Prince) a Malayalam musician, and his wife Simi Francis was invited to sing Malayalam songs in our living retreat at Don Bosco Retreat Center in Stony Point, NY. Inspired by the retreat experience, in June 2015 they organized Thy Kingdom Come Ministries’ first Live-in Retreat at Rosa Mystica House of Prayer, in Edmeston, NY. Since then they organize the Rosa Mystica retreat every year, also Francis V. Davis sings Malayalam worship songs at the monthly retreat at Rockland, NY, the morning teleconference prayer and other retreats around  the country.